Welcome to Jumpin 4 Fun
Sunshine Coast’s Best Indoor Play and
Kids Birthday Party Centre.

JUMPIN4FUN is an indulgent source of exhilarating indoor inflatable FUN! All year round rain or shine we are here delivering to you a bucket load of colourful laughter and excitement!

With our protected space that we have specifically for babies & toddlers they can play, bounce, and crawl around safely. For our high adrenalin and unlimited energetic kids and adults we have many JUMPIN4FUN activities including a giant slide, obstacle course, massive ball pit with over 12,000 coloured balls and so much more!

Let us help you create an unforgettable experience for your family and friends, with the option of hosting your next party event here with us. For all party occasions we offer DIY catering  or special tailored catering service so you can relax during your party and enjoy the festivities.

At Jump In 4 Fun at Kawana on the Sunshine Coast check out our friendly kids activities & amenities. We have over 1,400m2 of indoor all weather protected space, special toddler play court, 2 full courts of large inflatables and a range of bubble balls for kids and large adults. You can chill out in our cafe area and watch all the action behind an air-conditioned window area.

All this and more to keep you as well as the big and small kids active and healthy with party options for kids birthdays and activity options for sporting groups and Corporate events. Come along and play, have fun and chill out, to make/meet friends or just to get out of your usual activities for a while, to stimulate your senses and just to have a great and safe fun time with your favourite people.


What Others Say

  • “Inflatable Fun”
    When my little girl saw the inflatables all blown up she went wild and couldn’t stop running and bouncing and sliding and even falling – but all safely. I joined her and we both had so much fun in a totally safe playground. She calls them the “blow ups” and wants to go to the “blow ups” for fun every weekend rather than to the parks. Cheap rates for under 5’s allows me to take her along to the “blow ups” whenever we get a chance on weekends.

    – Vivian P.

  • “Ball Pit Mania”
    My teenagers had a ball or two. They’ve got this huge ball pit with over 12,000 coloured balls and you can jump in and in seconds completely disappear. Throwing the balls to each other is so much fun and completely safe.

    – Pat P.

  • “Bubble Balls”
    You can play bubble soccer with these bubble balls or just have fun rolling around bumping into each other. It’s like a totally safe form of dodgem cars but without any harsh, jolting bumps. It’s hilarious.

    – Richard G.