Birthday Parties

DIY Parties

DIY Parties are ideal for a quick on-the-run party or gathering for any occasion, with a NO-FUSS, NO HASSLE solution.

Types of Parties:
DIY Parties can be for Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Special Events, Break-Up Parties or even Corporate Team-Building Events.

Party Venues:
The DIY party has 3 options for spaces within our Kawana facility to set up your party gear and catering items:

  • Café Area
  • On-court under a Party Tent
  • Off-court beside the Inflatable courts under a Party Tent

Each area can accommodate at least 12 people, with a maximum of 20 people.

Reservation/ Booking Fee:
A Reservation/Booking fee of $20 (non-refundable) is required to secure one of these areas.

Booking Inclusions:

  • Up to 120 minutes for your party
  • Table cloth
  • Refrigerated storage for your cake (cake-age fee of $25 waived for bookings for 12 or more).
  • Utensils for cutting & handling your cake
  • Napkins
  • Party balloons

Reservation/ Booking Info:
Reservations/Bookings are imperative for DIY parties as no walk-in parties will be accepted. DIY Reservations/Bookings are only available to our JUMPIN4FUN participates and can be accommodated before, during or after your JUMPIN4FUN booked session. Please ensure you have booked your JUMPIN4FUN play session before setting up your DIY party.

Once JUMPIN4FUN has received your DIY request we will contact you to confirm the details of your booking as well as completing the reservation/booking fee.

DIY Reservation Request

  • :

For more enquiries regarding DIY Parties at Jumpin 4 Fun Kawana, please contact us on 07 5493 7999 or 0417 705 735.

Catered Birthday Parties

At Jump In 4 Fun, Kawana, we have a number of Catered Birthday Party options which can be tailored to the catering needs/ desires of your group.

Just send us an email to outline your catering needs/ desires and we will get back in touch to discuss details and what’s doable.

Also, at Kawana Jump In 4 Fun, Sunshine Coast, no matter what the theme you want, just tell us what your interests and birthday party ideas are and we will work some FUN magic to help you bring it together!

Email us at: or Phone (07) 5493 7999.

Special Invitations:
To get you started, download the special invitation (below) with our compliments to send to all of your friends so you can be sure that all of your favourite people will be there just for you!

We look forward to seeing you here soon.

Download your FREE Birthday Party Invitation!

Corporate/Private Parties

Corporate Events and/ or Team Building: Whether you are looking for something a bit different and maybe a bit whacky or just a space for your teams to let off some steam, JumpIn4Fun is the place for your Corporate event. Come in for some fun and some quality Team Building experiences.

At JumpIn4Fun your teams can let off steam or engage in competitive interaction to develop more cohesion and co-operation. Just– talk to us about what your needs are whether you want a group business session or a private one – we can do it for you !

Email us at:  or Phone (07) 5493 7999, if you have any questions.