Welcome to Jumpin 4 Fun! Brisbane and Sunshine Coast’s
Best Indoor Play and Kids Birthday Party Centre!

JUMPIN4FUN is an indulgent source of exhilarating indoor inflatable FUN! All year round rain or shine we are here delivering to you a bucket load of colourful laughter and excitement!

With our protected space that we have specifically for babies & toddlers they can play, read, and crawl around safely. For our high adrenaline and unlimited energetic kids and adults we have endless JUMPIN4FUN obstacles course, bungee sprint, and so much more!

Let us help you create an unforgettable experience for your family and friends, with the option of hosting your next party event here with us. For all party occasions we offer full food catering service so you get to relax with your party and enjoy the festivities.

General Admission

JUMPIN4FUN is associated with Salisbury Supersports and started early March 2015 with the opportunity to encourage safe play in a safe environment for everyone. With the healthy benefits and features that JUMPIN4FUN Inflatables provide for toddlers, babies, kids and adults of all ages it was imperative that we create a community space of FUN & ensure a lasting experience for everyone.


Birthday Parties

Hosting your child/children’s birthday party here needs to be a memorable occasion. This will have you and your family coming back for more!


Jumpin Club

Becoming a member, you’ll get:
-A Birthday Card and a Free Pass to Jumpin 4 Fun every year
-Every month you will have a chance to win one of our great kids prize packs
-A chance to win a fully catered Birthday Party Pack (minimum of 4 children for free)


Book Now

JUMPIN4FUN is FAST becoming the “Go to Place” for family entertainment! Don’t miss out… BOOK NOW!! For all the FUN you can have under one roof!!





What Others Say

  • “I’m glad that we found a place where we can run around and play outdoor games without actually having to go outdoors! And it’s nice to know that the staff are virtually everywhere making sure that everyone – especially the kids – are safe. Most of all, my kids are having tons of fun (which what really matters if you ask me). We might actually be celebrating my youngest son’s birthday here come January. Kudos!”

    – Alvin B.

  • “One of the things you have to be greatful about inflatable playgrounds is safety. These are way better than sandboxes and rubber mats; not to mention the highly trained personnels who make sure everyone is in check. To not worry about safety is fun. I would highly recommend this place to my friends and collegues.”

    – Justin V.

  • “What we parents always worry about is the safety of our kids, especially the cleanliness. You wouldn’t want your kids getting hurt or touching anything dirty, let alone swallow it. The cleanliness of the cafe gives me this comfort and confidence that my kids will enjoy every hour they stay here. Jupmin4fun is not only a great place for kids to play but also for parents with their kid/kids to bond.”

    – Harper C.

  • Great place to spend time with the kids! There are so many areas for them to play and the staff are very friendly. Parents like me need not to worry about the kids’ safety when they go to Jumpin4fun. This is such a great place to bond with your family.

    – Betsy M.

  • Jumpin4fun is exactly the place we are looking for to enjoy with the kids. Great facilities, friendly staff, amazing food! I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Had so much fun and the kids were able to exercise. Great place for kids’ party. We will surely be coming back whenever we can.

    – Tara K.