birthday party

Celebrate Your Kids Birthday at Jump In 4 Fun!

Every child wants to have the best birthday party ever! Let their dreams come true, come and celebrate with us at Jump In 4 Fun.

Kids won’t be bored

Kids are full of energy especially when surrounded by their friends and birthday parties are fun. But behind the fun aspect, there is generally a lot of pressure on the parents just to make sure that the kids and all the guests are kept entertained and engaged throughout the party. Worry not because we have loads of activities in store, the kids will surely be having a field day!

Weather will never be an issue

There’s nothing worse than to plan a perfect outdoor birthday party only to have it spoilt by rain. Moving 15 or 20 kids (and usually their parents indoors) is generally not an option due to space restraints. At Jump in 4 Fun, the weather will never be an issue! Come rain or shine the party continues!

Food will be prepared for you

We are fully catered! All you need to do is simply choose and we will make sure that the kids and parents are well looked after. Our party menu offers a great range of party foods including the ever more popular healthy choices. We can also arrange a wonderful cake for your child. All you need to do is just sit back and relax and wait till the party starts.

No cleaning up

With a lot of kids and parents attending the birthday celebration. you know what comes after…. Mess. Lots and lots of it. Left over food, spilled drinks, dishes to be washed and god knows what else. But the good thing about celebrating with us is that mess will be the least of your concerns. We at Jump In 4 Fun will take care of it for you!

Plenty of room

With over 2,500m2 of play space, our facilities are huge enough to hold hundreds of guests! (Well, not that I’m saying you should invite that many…) You can invite as many as you want without worrying if the room’s big enough for all of them. Kids can run around and play with our inflatable castles, obstacle courses slides and many, many more! Rest assured, our friendly staff are constantly keeping an eye on them, making their safety our number one priority.

So book your kids birthday with us!