Jump in 4 Fun is Now Open!

Have you heard? Jump in 4 Fun, located within the premises of Salisbury Supersports Indoor Sport and Recreation Centre, is now open to the public!

Since we opened, we’ve welcomed a lot of customers and these customers only have good things to say about us and have promised to come see us again. Thank you to all of our supporters – you are inspiring us to be bigger, better and more fun! As for the few constructive criticisms we have received, so far, they are also appreciated as they are telling us what to do to serve you with better products and services.

Our Cool Bouncy Toys and Equipment

We have fun and exciting activities to offer for all ages – whether you’re one or 91. Our setup is divided into different play zones according to age and height. So, parents and carers need not worry that their toddlers will get trampled on by bigger kids or adults. All zones have clearly marked entry and exit points and eagle-eyed staff carrying Blue Cards are monitoring our participants for added safety and security.

For children six years and younger, we have filled their play area with educational and motor skills development toys and equipment to stimulate their minds and bodies, including soft and cuddly toys for babies, bouncy castle, special ponies, ball pit, mini slide, and more for 2-6 years old. For older children and adults, their play zones are equipped with climbing wall, boxing/jousting ring, large bull pit, and more for 6-11 years old. We offer bigger stuff for older children and adults – slides, trampolines, bubble balls/soccer, sticky walls, obstacle courses, and more. Just come in with your socks and you’re good to go!

There are large fans scattered all over the play areas to help you cool off or you can head out to our air-conditioned Eagle’s Nest Café for some refreshing food and drinks. Enjoy good coffee, appetising healthy foods and other favourite meals and snacks.

Try the full Jump in 4 Fun experience (all bouncy products are available) during the weekends and the smaller Mum’s and Bub’s café setup for Mums and Carers during weekdays open until 3 p.m. See you all there!