no to bullying

Lets Stand Together to Eliminate Bullying

Let’s stand together to eliminate bullying.

Roughly 1 in 4 students are being bullied from as early as prep, right through to high school according to a recent survey conducted on 20,000 students in Australia.

Bullying is a heartbreaking act be it physical, verbal, or cyber. Nobody, whether young or old should experience it.

Educating people that it is best to be nice rather than cruel is a simple but a good way to stop this. And for those who are victims of this cruel act, together, let us remind them that they are beautiful, worthy, priceless, smart and those mean words or acts can’t hurt them.

We, at Jump In 4 Fun, do not tolerate any form of bullying.

The inspiring video below was created by a dad after his little girl told him that she was being bullied. He wrote a poem which was then turned into a song designed to inspire all kinds currently dealing with bullying and harassment.