Mmm… Minion Day!

Sunday was different.. Different as in coming to work dressed as a MINION. A party was booked to have a Minion host; that person was me and I had an absolute blast. I’ve played with the Birthday girl and her friends, explored the centre with them, and had a lot of pictures taken with them. I saw how happy the birthday girl was as well as her friends having her birthday in our Jumpin’ 4 Fun centre and having me, dressed as a Minion.

But what or who are Minions? Minions are little, yellow creatures that existed since the beginning of time evolving from being a single celled organisms into beings who will serve the most despicable masters. They have distinct cute little voices, clumsy yet clever, very loyal to their masters, and very funny.

Minions are very popular with kids and to adults as well.

Below is a photo of myself and the birthday girl “Aurelia” who enjoyed herself thoroughly.

minions at jumpin4fun

After the weekend, I have adjusted back to “human” life until next month when my inner beauty comes out; dressing up as a Fairy Princess..

Until next time..

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