Mum’s n Bub’s are back in action!

School Holidays Are Over and Mums n Bubs Are Back in Full Swing.

Well Mums n Bubs is back up and running after the school holidays.

Best news, we have some NEW and EXCITING things for our little ones to play with! Relax over a cup of coffee whilst your little ones have fun and explore our centre.

Coming soon we will have a craft day where children can paint a plaster cast and sew felt animals. Stay tuned for more details.

Cuteness Alert!

One of our very regular tots Sophia having a great day. She was waiting for mum to make a bottle but couldn’t wait and found a great place to have a sleep in none other than the ball pit amongst all the cuddly soft toys.

Come and enjoy all the fun at Mum’s n Bub’s .

Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 3.00 pm.

See you soon.



Ball pits are awesome spots for toddlers and youngsters to have a fabulous time, learn to loosen up and relax and are also popular for their therapeutic effect as it involves visual and tactile stimuli. Ball pits additionally assist in toddlers or children with delayed development or children with birth disorders such as autism. It also it a multi-sensory environment in which, depending on the child, alert the senses or calm them down.

Toddlers, children and adults as well can be allured by these brightly colored balls as a therapeutic environment. Relaxation occurs as the ball massage the whole body by providing a light bolster and deep-pressure sensation. The stimuli from visual, auditory, and tactile sensory can enhance confidence and fortify sensory motor skills.

So come in and enjoy the ball pits at Mum’s N Bub’s to have fun, relax and enjoy reap the many benefits of playing in a ball pit!