New Koala Krane Game!

If you haven’t noticed it, a number of changes have recently been made at Jumpin’ 4 Fun and Salisbury Super Sports. One of our latest additions is a New Vending Machine.

As many have come to experience,  vending machines not only require precision, they also work as an awesome stress-reliever!  Who would have guessed that winning a prize using a simple machine needs a bit of thought and concentration… or in my case, just pure luck.

Now for some interesting facts.

Did you know that the first modern coin-operating vending machine was first brought to the market in England in the early 1880s? This machine was invented my Percival Everitt and was initially used to dispense postcards. Soon, vending machines became widespread  throughout the country and were a common feature at post offices and railway stations.

The US received their first vending machines in 1888 where in addition to envelopes, stamps, postcards and notepaper, they started dispensing animated figurines and Tutti-Frutti gum.

Since, countries around the world fell in love with the concept of coin operated machines with Japan leading the way. The country has a reputation for having some of the most innovative machines in the world.

So this simple machine found on a railway station in England dispensing postcards and stamps has started a mad craze of coin operated fun. And here I am standing by the Koala Crane on a Sunday afternoon trying my luck at winning a cute little Good Dinosaur soft toy. – Melanie C