Working out at Mum’s N Bub’s

These mum’s have taken the opportunity to do their workout while the kids are occupied playing at Mum’s N’ Bub’s. While here why don’t you also enjoy the massage chair and other equipment we have to offer, and best of all  it’s FREE to use.

Generally it’s a good idea to get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise per day. It brings a lot of benefits to all and here are 6 advantages of regular physical activity:

#1 Weight control

Exercise or physical activity can help maintain ideal body weight in check, reduce weight as well as prevent excess weight gain. Engaging in physical activities burn calories and the more you work out, the more calories you will burn but it does not mean taking a chunk of your time because just by walking or climbing up stairs instead of the lift will get you the benefits of exercise.

#2 Prevent diseases and improve health conditions

Regular physical activity can improve the production of HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) or what we call the good cholesterol while decreasing unhealthy cholesterol in our body. In turn, it will give our body better cardiovascular condition to decrease dramatically cases of heart attack and stroke. Exercise also helps the body regulate metabolic condition better, decrease the chance of diabetes and certain types of cancer.

#3 Mood Booster

Stressed with the day’s work or with the kids? A 30 minute physical activity can help the brain stimulate the release of certain chemicals that help improve mood and feel relaxed. Also, exercise can improve your outlook toward self and let you feel composed and confident.

#4 Energy Booster

As exercise improve cardiovascular conditions as well as lung function due to efficient oxygen delivery to the heart and lungs. This is in turn will convert to more energy to go on about daily tasks and activities. Regular physical activity will also improve muscle strength and endurance.

#5 Promote better sleep

As long as exercise is done way before bedtime since exercise will boost energy, exercise will provide better and deeper sleep. The body will need longer and better quality of sleep in order to help revitalize the body from the exhaustion of physical activity or exercise.

#6 Exercise can be fun

Exercise can bring a lot of fun especially doing it with family, friends, or coworkers. It promotes social bonds while being healthy. Also exercise can make you go outdoors and do physical activities that you would really love like soccer, cricket, handball or even yoga or dance classes. Just do exercises or physical activity that you really love and if you get bored, discover new things that would interest you as long as you keep on exercising.