Franchise Options

At Jump In 4 Fun, we want to spread the joy?far and wide and invite you to look over your franchise options either for installation at your existing facilities or to install it in a new venture site. Be brave, take the leap and Jump In 4 Fun with us for everyone to benefit.

We offer 2 franchise package options:

  1. A fully funded, risk free, jump in package where you only provide the site and the labour and Jump In 4 Fun provides ‘almost’ everything else on a shared profit basis – Easy As!
  2. You can ‘buy’ a location, get our full support and systems and branded trading, trainings, etc. and then do your own thing, either in concert with us (and our marketing) or off on your own little fun adventure!

Don’t want a franchise? No worries, we will happily hire the equipment to you either for your own use or for an event. There is a minimum hire period and charge plus a delivery/set up and break down charge which we do – No exceptions! You can hire 1 item or a football field full!

Whatever your preference, we will be very pleased to talk to you, at no cost or obligation, so that we can jointly assist our community.

Franchise Form

Download Form

If you wish to visit and talk to us personally, you can also download the form here: