1. By paying an entry fee or by entering into Jumpin 4 Fun premises you, for yourself and for any minors or guests that you bring, unconditionally, agree to abide by the following rules and code of conduct at all times whilst on the Jumpin 4 Fun premises as follows:
  2. You and any guest or child in your care enter the premises of Jumpin 4 Fun at your own risk and undertaking. (SEE SEPARATE FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS)
  3. You acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept these rules and the Jump In 4 Fun Terms and Conditions as displayed on its website.
  4. In the event of any dispute of interpretation pertaining to these rules and Terms and Conditions, a decision made by Jumpin 4 Fun shall be final.
  5. Smoking, spitting, fighting, bad language or abusive language, use of any drugs, the use or consumption of chewing gum is strictly prohibited other than for smoking which is permitted in the dedicated outdoor smoking area.
  6. Food and drink other than personal sipper bottles of water are not allowed into the premises – free chilled and filtered water is available at Jumpin 4 Fun as is a range of quality food and drinks for purchase including selected alcoholic drinks for legal age visitors.
  7. The bringing of alcohol either into the premises or on to the property including the car parking area is prohibited by law and directly contravenes the Centre’s Liquor Licence conditions. Any breach of this provision will be reported to the Police including the provision of copies of CCTV footage without exception.
  8. The ‘premises’ are continually monitored by CCTV cameras and you agree and accept that images of you, any children you are supervising/caring for and any guest you bring will be captured on the Jumpin 4 Fun security system. You also specifically agree that these images or others that Jumpin 4 Fun CCTV systems may capture at the premises from time to time will be available to Jumpin 4 Fun to use at its sole discretion for both security and promotional purposes. See ‘use of personal information’ in our Terms and Conditions
  9. Whilst at or on the premises you will follow all lawful directions of Jumpin 4 Fun staff at all times including but not limited to instruction for equipment use, your behaviour, the behaviour of your guests and control of your guest of all ages.
  10. No food or drink is permitted in the play areas at any time – no exceptions
  11. To access the play areas you/your guests/children must be in reasonably good health and have first adequately and securely covered any cuts, abrasions or sores, removed all footwear other than socks spectacles/glasses, all jewellery including but not limited to: earrings other than flat studs, necklaces and bangles,  all rings other than flat bands and all piercings that are removable. If any member of your group has a none removable or concealed piercing you/they specifically acknowledge they will be totally responsible for any resultant injury that may result from participation on the equipment at Jumpin 4 Fun associated with the wearing of such an item.
  12. Additionally, socks must be worn at all times by all participants whilst in the play areas and on the equipment – no exceptions (socks are available to purchase at the serveries).
  13. For the on-going safety and enjoyment of ALL visitors to Jumpin 4 Fun we make no apology for our strict rules structure and advise that we have NO hesitancy in calling in the Police in the event of any serious disturbance or disruption at the premises and will not hesitate to remove none compliant visitors or guests.

The Management, Jumpin 4 Fun